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What our clients say about us:

“The New York Times, New York Post, CBS This Morning, The Huffington Post, Associated Press, The Miami Herald, Vogue Italia, Canadian-Latin American-German press agencies, print media and websites-blogs-tweets-Facebook entries worldwide… all writing, tweeting and talking about our January 19, 2013, auction and all because LiveAuctioneers PR Services let the world know about it.

The result: our best auction to date, with 690 registered bidders, 568 bids, 186,000 page views, 20,000+ visitors and $330,000 in winning bids, and all that just on! That doesn’t include, as a result of your PR work, the record 400+ in-house bidders, phone bidders or left bids that all contributed to a million-dollar auction. The sheer numbers, in terms of sales and bidders, were way beyond our expectations, but you gave us even more, something you can’t pay for… EDITORIAL, exposing our auction house all over the world!

You shared our passion about the auction, worked hard (even on nights and weekends) and relentlessly pursued every possible PR lead. We really don’t know how to thank you; you have energized and set the new standard for Palm Beach Modern Auctions.

I would recommend your services to any auction house looking to increase their sales or company presence in the auction world.”

“Collectors all over the world really like LiveAuctioneers. The format is simple to use, and it has become a very good highway for bidding in our sales. The age of reservation about bidding online is over; it took a company like LiveAuctioneers, which has proven itself, to make that happen. We have been very pleased.”

“LiveAuctioneers allows us to reach an entirely new audience of potential buyers around the world who can then take part in our auctions ‘live’ on the day. It has had a significant impact on the success of our business.”

“I used to pride myself in having a strong international clientele through phone, mail and fax bidding, but with the addition of LiveAuctioneers, my worldwide client base has increased exponentially. After my last sale, I shipped merchandise to Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, Austria, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Canada, Singapore and even to one bidder in Czechoslovakia. It’s amazing that all these people are just a mouse click away.”

“In a nutshell, I wouldn’t be in business without LiveAuctioneers. Our auctions average a 35-40% sell-through with the site, and on many occasions we’ve approached the 50% mark online. LiveAuctioneers has brought us customers from all over the world, including some very good regular buyers in Turkey, Israel and other countries.”

“This last sale was a huge success and the participation through LiveAuctioneers was one of, if not the, highest, so far. It was one of our higher-end sales. We’re seeing a shift in the population that typically bids with us online—a good shift.”

“Online bidding is the staple of any successful auction these days. And having a great online bidding system, like LiveAuctioneers, is critical.”

“Thanks so much for an awesome auction. You all have been a huge part of our business. It seems almost flawless and the bidders seem to find the process so much easier. You all have really built something valuable!”

“Thank you for your help in getting us started. Had it not been for the assistance of your tremendously helpful staff, the auction would not have been the success that it was. Our low estimates were in the $120,000 range, and actual sales were $264,000. Not bad at all!”

“Working with LiveAuctioneers was a fantastic experience for my nonprofit organization. As a public charity, we rely on a variety of means to raise funds. You folks helped us launch our first-ever online auction and it was a tremendous success on a few different levels. First, we exceeded our revenue goals. But perhaps equally important, we did this without eating up a lot of our small staff’s valuable time. The tools that LiveAuctioneers provided us with were invaluable and easy to use. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

“It’s been a week since our New Year’s auction and we have been struggling to find the right words to describe our first experience with LiveAuctioneers PR Services. Beyond expectations? Incredible? We could not believe the response, not just in the U.S. but around the world. We sold $70,000 to Russian bidders and close to $80,000 to China, in addition to the U.S. and other countries. We were on TV, radio, in newspapers and magazines, on collector sites, the Internet and on top of the search engines. Fabulous! We had over 70,000 hits on LiveAuctioneers, alone, before the auction. Beyond expectations! Just before the auction we took a late consignment and mentioned it to Catherine at LiveAuctioneers. Two days later, it was picked up by major collector sites. Incredible!”

“Just wanted to take the time to tell you that you and your staff are doing a great job! My staff couldn’t be happier with how things are going for us with LiveAuctioneers. The new reports are fabulous. The gentlemen that handle the phones are courteous and oh so patient. Kudos.”

“There is no denying that LiveAuctioneers has helped our auction company expand our business. Since we started using their online auction service, our prices have only increased. We have seen thousands of people look at our auctions and have received hundreds of absentee bids, and this is just for one auction! Having several of these auctions has only proved that we are reaching a broader audience than we could have ever imagined.

We just held a ‘country store-style’ auction a few weeks ago. Many items sold to online bidders for 2x or 3x the value that we could have gotten here at our auction house. Some items had 30-60 bids; the majority of the bidders were online. It is hard to believe the whole world is watching your auction house, but it is true. For this sale alone, we had hundreds of bidders from all across the U.S. and various countries. Working with LiveAuctioneers has been a great experience. With just a little extra work, our auction company is now known across the world.”

“It’s now the third live auction we have done with LiveAuctioneers, and all we can say is: thank you! Thank you for your professional and fast support, thank you for your effort to improve and adjust your system to the needs of your customers. It’s good to have real people on the phone when you need them and it’s good to get an answer no matter how dull the question. Life would be easier on the web and a better place if there were more companies like LiveAuctioneers.”

“It was an immense pleasure to have LiveAuctioneers help us through our first live auction 5 months ago. They are a benchmark for what excellent support should be.”

“Stout Auctions has used LiveAuctioneers numerous times and we have been exceedingly happy with the results and the service they have offered. One improvement in particular convinced me to write this, and that service is the new invoicing system. No one else has an invoicing system like LiveAuctioneers; it literally saves me a full day of sorting out buyers, shipping costs, emails etc. Keep this up and you’re going to have to buy eBay!”

“I have just been reviewing the new bidder approval process for our current auction. I must say that I am always stunned at how well LiveAuctioneers pioneers this industry we all love. This approval process is ingenious. I am quite sure that a tremendous amount of time and resources were poured into creating this option to assist the auction houses. I am proud to have our auction house as one of your clients. Thank you for breaking down the walls for all us brick & mortar auction galleries who just simply cannot do what you have done, and have done better than anyone else. Continue to educate the world about the joy of auctions and you will always have my support.”

“After using other service providers with online auctions (via eBay and others), we are very pleased with LiveAuctioneers. The service has been great, the back-end administration features are excellent, and the ease of use is appreciated as well. We are most pleased with the post-auction reports and the detailed item reports, allowing us to tweak item descriptions to find the most buyers. We’ll continue to use LiveAuctioneers as our service provider for our online auctions. Thanks!”

“Your entire company is nothing short of fantastic!“

"We handle multiple dozens of specialty properties across the country at any given time – from investment and development land and commercial properties to luxury residences and collectible personal property – and working with a reliable online bidding technology provider has been crucial for us in operating efficiently and delivering value to our clients.

From the moment we started working with LiveAuctioneers, we have seen tremendous growth in our personal property sales, and thanks to their expansive bidder audience, incredible client support team, and innovative technology, we can confidently offer the highest level of auction services to our clients."

"Our family auction company recently had the pleasure to work with LiveAuctioneers for the first time. Amidst a jittery public and uncertainty due to COVID-19, we were hesitant to proceed with an online auction since we had conducted mainly on-site, in-person auctions, but LiveAuctioneers reassured us that traffic and sales were increasing exponentially, despite the Pandemic. With their tremendous support, we received targeted webinar training and personalized assistance as we navigated all aspects of their online platform in order to conduct a smooth-running sale: from auction listing to bidder approval, invoices, payments, and their Live-to-eBay program. On March 29th, our Eclectic Designer’s Connecticut Estate Auction debuted online-only, and by far, exceeded our expectations. We are extremely grateful to the entire team for their guidance and expertise. We highly recommend LiveAuctioneers to any auction company transitioning to online-only auctions!"